Success Stories

“Chapman Partnership empowers the homeless by ending the cycle of homelessness one person at a time.”

With an outstanding success rate of 64% — far above the national standard — we help our residents rebuild their lives while offering dignity and respect. They are healthier, they learn new skills, and they have a clear path to a brighter future and can take ownership of their lives.

Here are just a few of our many success stories:


Antonio Dixon, Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle, was on a different course the first half of his life, shuttling between homeless shelters in Miami and Atlanta, riding Greyhound buses and going in and out of 10 schools while his mother battled homelessness and drug addiction. His father, in prison for dealing crack, wasn’t a presence. Antonio’s rise to the NFL

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Twice in her life, Connie has found badly needed help and inspiration at the Chapman Center in Miami. On both occasions, she was a victim of circumstances not of her own making. The native of Savannah, Ga., who moved to Miami in 1978, was forced to leave after her apartment building was condemned. In 1995, Connie's home was demolished to

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During the years that Ruth struggled with addiction, she and her children moved from shelter to shelter. Some nights, they camped out in the car. Other nights, when it was warm enough, they slept in parks, under bridges, on beaches . . . wherever they could grab a few hours of sleep. Ruth couldn’t take care of herself, much less her children. And although she searched, she never

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Doristene knows what it means to live close to the edge, and what it means to fall over it as well. But she also knows what it means to get up again and stand tall. Paying for a $420-a-month apartment, with four mouths to feed and making $6.20 an-hour, Doristene was just scraping by at the beginning of last year. Then one day, she was laid-off from her job

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My name is Eric. I muddled along for 42 years on a continuing downward path, fueled by alcohol and drugs. I suppose that my story is not much different than millions of others except for the part played in my case by Chapman Partnership. In simple terms, my basic problem from the age of 15 was alcohol. I now know that I had an alcoholic mind and

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If I had my life to live over, I would not have become a mother when I was thirteen years old. If I had my life to live over, I would not have stayed involved, willy-nilly, with the same guy, nine years older than I, and had seven more babies. If I had my life to live over, I would try to learn early the difference between being ignorant and being stupid. If I had my life to live over

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When Yolanda arrived at Chapman Partnership, she came with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a plastic bag containing the last of her earthly possessions. Inside the bag were photos of her four daughters living in North Carolina, several worn paperback novels, some potted meat and a tattered purse. At just 34, she had fallen victim to the vicious cycle of

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