Program & Services

We empower the homeless by providing a wide array of programs that go far beyond just emergency shelter to 800 men, women and children daily.

They include comprehensive case management, health, mental and dental care, day care, job development and training, job placement, permanent housing assistance and other help from a variety of social service agencies – all under one roof.


With an outstanding success rate of 64% — far above the national standard — we help our residents rebuild their lives while offering dignity and respect. They are healthier, they learn new skills, and they have a clear path to a brighter future and can take ownership of their lives.
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All residents are assigned a Case Manager within 72 hours for assessment, evaluation and creation of a mutually agreed upon personalized case plan. During the first meeting, a comprehensive assessment helps to identify barriers to housing stability and aids in the formation of a mutually agreed upon course of action and set of goals. In some cases, the case manager simply connects the resident to

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A key component of Chapman Partnership’s services is providing resources to support the physical and mental health of our residents. Through partnerships with key providers, and state and federal assistance, our residents have access to state-of-the-art on-site medical and dental clinics, and mental health resources. The clinics are designed to stabilize and address the immediate needs of

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Families with children represent a growing segment of the homeless population and over 25% of our residents are children. To serve their needs, we have dedicated family dorms, a Family Resource Center, and a Head Start-funded day care for children up to 5 years of age. With on-site day care and after school programs, parents have the opportunity to seek and attain employment. Within 48 hours

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Job Development Specialists facilitate the missing elements in the job search, from interview clothes, bus passes, tools and certification fees as well as connecting them to agencies that help with securing proper ID, social security numbers and work permits. Chapman Partnership has built trusted relationships with more than 280 local employers and employment agencies who are committed to

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We assist our residents with everything from applications, utility and security deposits to providing needed furniture, appliances and move-in supplies. In cases where our residents have special needs or disabilities, we work to locate suitable housing programs. Housing is only one step towards the goal of a stable life, and to that end we keep in contact with former residents through follow up case

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Dog Kennel

Did you know we allow our residents to bring their dogs with them to Chapman Partnership?  Our South Center in Homestead has a state-of-the-art kennel with a 150-foot dog run.  Since opening our Kennel in 2003, we have had 151 dogs stay with us ranging from a miniature Shitzu to a Great Dane. To learn more about our kennel and how you can help with donated items see our infographic

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Myths and Facts About the Homeless

There are a wide range of myths about the homeless, read through our post to learn about five specific homeless myths, the facts, and how Chapman Partnership helps their homeless residents. 

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Homeless or About to Be Homeless?  Call 1-877-994-4357 for Help!

Any person  or family who is homeless, about to be homeless,  or assisting someone facing homelessness, and  requiring emergency assistance  must first contact the Homeless Helpline administered by the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust.

Homeless Helpline
Toll Free: 1-877-994-HELP (4357)

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