Empowerment Circle

Empowerment Circle members are a group of visionaries who see the importance of providing dignity and hope to the homeless. This exclusive membership group is designed to honor those who have provided major philanthropic support to Chapman Partnership. Empowerment Circle membership recognizes contributions of $25,000 or more, cumulatively, beginning with the Supporters level. 

Empowerment Circle Donor Levels

Supporters – $25,000
Advocates – $50,000
Providers – $100,000
Leaders – $500,000
Champions – $1,000,000
Benefactors – $5,000,000

How EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE benefits Chapman Partnership

Empowerment Circle members invest in the community and make a transformative impact in the lives of the homeless residents at Chapman Partnership. For more than 20 years, Chapman Partnership has been providing essential services to the homeless of South Florida. With an outstanding success rate, far above the national standard, Chapman Partnership works tirelessly to help rebuild the lives of homeless men, women and children. Chapman Partnership offers emergency shelter to 800 residents daily, comprehensive case management, health and dental care, food, job training and placement, permanent housing assistance, and a variety of the social service needs through private and public partnerships.

How to get involved:

Chapman Partnership can work with donors and their advisors to design a charitable gift plan through outright gifts, pledges, and/or planned gifts that address a number of planning and tax issues. 

To find out about how you can become a member of the Empowerment Circle call 305-329-3066.

2018 Donor Appreciation Event